Tarot Card Reading

You can do a tarot card reading in two different ways. The first is by asking a question to which you seek an answer. This is called a question reading. To start you ask a specific question, but tarot cards will not give you a yes or no answer. This type of reading should be used as a guide to help you make the right decision. You should never ask a question to which you already know the answer. The question should also be focused and not loaded with details. Focus the question on yourself and the question has to be neutral so that you can explore other points of view. In an open reading, the reader turns over the cards and addresses the larger aspects of your life.

There are 78 cards in a deck of tarot cards made up of Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. In the Minor Arcana there are four suits – wands, swords, cups and circles, also called pentacles. The cards within each suit are numbered 1 to 10. and have court cards – King, Queen, Knight and Page. These cards are associated with the minor ups and downs of every day life. In the Major Arcana, there are no suits. There are 22 cards numbered 0 to 21 and consist of pictures, with the Fool having the number 0.

If you request a tarot card reading, you will be the person to shuffle the cards. The reader will then lay out the cards in a certain pattern and the position of each card has a certain meaning. There are many different types of spreads, with the most common one being the Celtic Cross. In this pattern, the meanings of each card are as follows:

1 – the present

2 – laid on the first card leaving the bottom open. This card represents immediate challenges

3 – laid to the right of cards 1 and 2 and represents the distant past

4 – laid below Cards 1 and 2 and represents the recent past

5 – laid above Cards 1 and 2 and represents the best outcome

6 – laid to the left of cards 1 and 2 and represents the immediate future

7 – the bottom of a new line to the right of card 5. This card represents factors affecting your situation

8 – laid above card 7 and represents external influences

9 – laid above card 8 and represents hopes and fears

10 – laid above card 9 and represents the final outcome.

Cards one and two form a cross and the cards around it form a circle. These cards represent what is happening in your life at present. The staff of four cards on the side represents the future or the answer to your question.